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RELEASE: The Answer for ONScripter-EN
From the new French group Re*define (https://ons-en-fr.neocities.org/redefine/index.htm) comes an ONScripter-EN port of The Answer by Four Leaf Studios, creators of Katawa Shoujo. I've checked this port and helped with the scripting: it's good, it's decent, it's the Visual Novelier's bible on ONScripter-EN.

Category: novel game, release

RELEASE: ...in white by ZIGZAG
In mid-January I read "The noose" by ZIGZAG (https://vndb.org/r85), and thanks to its spotty translation it was the most gruelling and infuriating experience with a novel game I have ever had. I wound up looking into ZIGZAG and found a good deal of (much better!) translated novels, and one complete old one which was untranslated: "...in white". It ran in 400x300 resolution with a very small text box allowing for only three lines of twenty fullwidth characters each, and directly I accepted the challenge -- it helped that there was absolutely no scripting nor image editing to do. Fitting full English sentences into that space without modifying the game nor breaking any pages was a fun exercise, turning out like pure poetry at times. I'm proud that it's done and that this particular sidetrack will trouble me no longer.

Category: novel game, release

RELEASE: Eternity by stage-nana
Thanks to Karmic who uploaded the ISO, I was able to restore and translate Eternity to be enjoyed on into the future -- tonight it is up for all to download. Many thanks to Harry for translating my own menus and opening words to Japanese. Feel free to ask any questions or report any problems in this thread.

Category: novel game, release

Excuse me
I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're refering to as ONScripter, is in fact, ONScripter-EN, or as I've recently taken to calling it, ONScripter plus English language support. ONScripter is not a usable Western novel game engine unto itself, but rather another free interpreter of a common-sense game scripting standard given English support by Insani, Hæleth and new features by Uncle Mion comprising a stable interpreter as defined by Senzogawa.

Many novel game players run a modified version of ONScripter-EN every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of ONScripter that was widely used in classic novel game translations was called ONScripter, but many of its users are not aware that it was actually ONScripter-EN, developed for English-language use.

There really is an ONScripter, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the novel game engine they use. ONScripter is the main branch: the program that our cultivated Western interpreter was based upon. The main branch is an essential part of the fork, but useless by itself; it can function only in the context of a Japanese game with no halfwidth characters. ONScripter is normally used in combination with Chendo's English patch: the whole engine is basically ONScripter with English support added, or ONScripter-EN. All the so-called ONScripter distributions with English translations are really distributions of ONScripter-EN!
Category: computing, novel game, rightmaking

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