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How to get that 90s low budget type home video soundtrack
If you've ever wanted to replicate the kind of cheesy 90s music from VHS tapes and commercials, well I know just how. You're going to need a DAW, and some VSTs. Some VSTs you absolutely should use are the Korg M1 and Wavestation, Roland D50, U20 and Sound Canvas, and Yamaha DX7. You'll also want the Roland R8 for drums. The following are patches highly recommended for use in songs; since these are some of the most iconic and overused patches of the time they're instantly recognizable.

Korg M1: Universe, Piano 16', Organ 1, MagicOrgan, Lore, Slap Bass (the same bass used in Seinfeld!), I saw wind

Korg Wavestation: Ski Jam, Pharoah's Jig, Kingdom Come, DebussyOnWheels, Midnight Run, The Wave Song, Vox Concrete, Vocalise, Fire Dance, Glider

Roland D50: Fantasia, Pizzagogo, Soundtrack, Gamelan Bell, Staccato Heaven, DigitalNativeDance, Shakuhachi

Yamaha DX7: Just Electric Piano 1 and Bass 1
Or you could cultivate what it takes actually to form that kind of music, rather than just gather up the sounds and make CIA beats with them. (´ー`)
Who wants to do that though? That's lame. You'd be better off using those sounds.
Get thee behind me, Satan.
I'd rather learn Kansai dialect or Ainu than do that.

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