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Posting from Haikuヽ(´∇`)ノ
I was a Linux elitist around 2017; I test-ran practically every mainstream distro, changing OS by the week at times, but I'd always go back to Slackware with a Window Maker setup. I have much respect for OpenBSD and BSD in general, but the reason I went back to Windows permanently was GTK: I absolutely refuse to use any modern (post-2012) interface, and I would always rice my Linux systems well, but GTK3 and to an extent QT made this impossible. Broken, janky, and contrary to established interfaces just for the hell of it. Themes I liked would break across versions, everything felt disjointed like it was all a webpage, and the file picker was notorious amongst all who used it. It is true that Linux is subverted and destroyed by GERMAN SCUM Poetteringware, and that OpenBSD really is a solution in terms of neatness and security, but everything but Windows and Mac is afflicted by GTK because everything needs an interface, and only the big ones can afford their own.

Well, Haiku seems to be the only free operating system on earth that has its goals in order: the key to a real operating system is a coherent interface, no matter what the CLI elitists tell you, and its developers are trying their best to fill the gaps that most "hobbyist" operating systems leave open. Based on the classic BeOS with which I have no experience, Haiku has a solid set of default software, including the decent WebPositive browser on which I am here posting. My two problems with it so far are that I currently do not have sound working with my Intel card, and the only fonts installed by default are of Noto Sans, without a single serif included. It is worth hoping that the Haiku project will design its own font in the vein of OS/2's Workplace Sans, but in the meantime it is no issue to install needed fonts. I am hopeful for Haiku, not because I think it will ever handle my workload, but because it has what an operating system needs to have.
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The command line is man's best friend
CLI is good for some things and totally unnatural for most. Having to read a lengthy manpage or wiki entry just to do a simple operation in ffmpeg and still have less control is asinine. You're using a window manager to handle the terminals so you may as well use GUI wherever practical; Linux is bloat in the first place.

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