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I've noticed your 2ch Flash archives, and I figured that it would be a good idea for you to add them to Flashpoint, an archive with a total of 100,000 games and animations (from all sorts of platforms, not just Flash) so that way more people can see the otaku culture of the mid 2000s and be exposed to it. They have a Discord too, but joining is kind of necessary for you to submit curations. It also feels pretty rewarding when the next update comes and you see your curations, knowing you helped to preserve internet history.
They're not for way more people to see. I don't use Flashpoint because I have gigs of flashes of my own available from public sources like Danbooru and Dagobah, and installing what I assume is an Electron wrapper with a Flash dev executable would be redundant. But regardless, more people from the current culture being exposed to mid-2000s culture is a large part of why everything is so bad.
At the very least though you should just get Flashpoint Core (used for making curations but doesn't include anything else) to upload what you have so they can be added to the next version.

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