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RELEASE: ...in white by ZIGZAG
In mid-January I read "The noose" by ZIGZAG (https://vndb.org/r85), and thanks to its spotty translation it was the most gruelling and infuriating experience with a novel game I have ever had. I wound up looking into ZIGZAG and found a good deal of (much better!) translated novels, and one complete old one which was untranslated: "...in white". It ran in 400x300 resolution with a very small text box allowing for only three lines of twenty fullwidth characters each, and directly I accepted the challenge -- it helped that there was absolutely no scripting nor image editing to do. Fitting full English sentences into that space without modifying the game nor breaking any pages was a fun exercise, turning out like pure poetry at times. I'm proud that it's done and that this particular sidetrack will trouble me no longer.

Category: novel game, release

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