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What's the mindset you have when discussing something on a static forum? Such as a BBS, like this one. It's my belief that the profuseness of I.M. communication has degraded people's faculties respective to discussion online.
Category: writing, internet
Instant messaging makes for absolute efficiency for those who use it to its fullest, and I have to say I.M. has become more intelligent as almost no one abbreviates words with single letters and numbers anymore. Most people's inability to discuss serious matters with fitting language stems from a fear of revealing too much about oneself, which is more of a result of the irony/post-irony eras -- not to mention general illiteracy outside of the internet itself.
I don't use instant messaging like I use forums, because lowercase typing and lack of punctuation are not suitable for places where return is not the de facto full stop.
P.S. instant messaging has been around for almost as long as static forums have, and the cultures developed within IRC channels are every bit as worthy as the ones we make here. ( ´ω`)
Yes, that does make sense. I.M. cultures have existed for quite a long time, as they are primarily the logical conclusion of the Internet as a means of communication. It seems then that the issue that's faced within modern methods of communication online is the mutation this very simple facet of the Internet has suffered. Platforms seek now to subsume every aspect of communication into a consolidated front-end, one which also strips responsibility from its users and into the hands of a custodial authority. I'm not keen on the idea of centralization stifling the proliferation of interesting discourse, but it's clear that this centralization particularly both afflicts a profound dullness, as well as severs means of holding one's own forum. Not one thing seems to be to blame herein, as an infantile userbase (of mind and of physical state), a repressive politic which is virulently attached to these tech firms, and the general stagnation of the imaginations of the common folk are all responsible for the general despondency one can come across while online. Perhaps it is because this tool, the Internet, would be quite dangerous within the hands of people full of life rather than those defanged by idle consumption and illness of temperance.

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