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exp74in thiz
iv wh4t im vee7inx iz either phyzix47 or ment47 n the phyzix47ity iz objextive n m4nivezt then how xo i xnow iv my ment47 vee7inxz r re47 iv the ment47ity iz not m4nivezt but 47zo iz n iz i vaxt zubjext to inv7uenxez th4t x4uze it to zuvver when no m4nivezt thre4t iz prezent.. xou7x i not juzt ztop vee7inx 4nxuizh by me4nz ov 4xxeptinx the 4nxuizh 4z unre47 n thuz un4b7e to xo 4ny t4nxib7e h4rm whixh nex4tes the exiztenxe ov 4ny h4rm but 47zo xoeznt ヽ(`Д´)ノ
shut up
xont te77 me 2 zhut up i h4x 4 troub7ex xhi7xhoox 4nx i x4nnot i xNnot T4XE 4NYONE BEINX RUXE 2 ME

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